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# 7000 Halloween Treats
This pattern includes directions to make each of the items shown in the photograph. A primitive Ann, A banner, a pillow, and a cat with pumpkins.
Price $7.50

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# 2003 That's Mr Cat to you
A cat with attitude. He's 28" tall and goes by the name
"That's MR. CAT to you"


# 2700 Turkey Trio
Turkey Trio. The pattern includes 3 different styles of turkeys. One is sure to catch your eye. Make one or make them all. Make several little ones, put names on their tails for each place setting at your dinner table.
Price $7.50
# 3100 Scarecrow in Wreath
This Scarecrow in a 16" wreath is
easy to make and would look great
on your door or wall this fall.
# 500 Mr Scrow
24" Scarecrow doll known around
here as Mr. Scrow.
He will hang or sit.
Price $7.50
# 5196 Sunshine Scarecrow
24" Scarecrow girl designed to hang
on your door or wall. She has grapevine
twig arms and a colorful border print dress.
Price $7.50

# 525 Mr + Mrs Scarecrow
Mr. and Mrs. Scarecrow are 24" tall a
nd can be made to sit or hang. Order
this cute couple today.
Price $7.50

# 530 Welcome to my garden
A 7" scarecrow that will look great on
your table in the fall. His sign reads "Welcome to my garden".
Price $7.50

# 550 Scarecrow buddies
Scarecrow Buddies. Scarecrows
on a stick. Place them in wreaths
or in with your flowers
Price $7.50

# 575 Scarecrow love
7" Scarecrows standing on a
wooden heart, so we call it
Scarecrow love.

# 590 Pumpkin head doll
23" Scarecrow with a cloth pumpkin head.

Price $7.50
# 5970 Harley A Scarecrow
5' Scarecrow made with recycled
clothes, will sit or hang. He's so big
we call him Harley A Scarecrow.
Price $7.50

# 5985 Sam Straw
Sam Straw is a 36" Scarecrow to
hang on your door or wall.

Price $7.50

# 7097 Mrs O'Lantern
Mrs. O'Lantern is a 11" bean bag style Scarecrow doll. She is weighted so she can stand anywhere. Use her as a door stop or a table center piece.
Price $7.50
# 599 CJ + Tonya
This happy couple is 26" tall.
They are fun and easy to make.
Great for keeping out throughout
the season.
Price $7.50

# 5099 Reap the harvest
23" Scarecrow doll weighted with
plastic pellets to help her stand.
She has a collection of fall items
gathered for display to all who enter
your home.


# 6496 Thomas Wishbone
This 8" Sitting Turkey doll with wooden
legs, cloth feet, and fall clothing will
bring a smile to all your holiday guests.

Price $7.50
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