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Miscellaneous Items.

Here is where you'll find things that maybe don't quite fit on the other pages here for some reason. Or, maybe for no reason!
On other pages you will find patterns and accessories for my patterns.
The links on the left will continue your visit wherever you wish.
I hope you enjoy your stay.

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# HD22 Ragged Window Decor
This pattern is titled Ragged Window
Decor and More. It contains the
patterns and instructions for 2 pillows,
a wall hanging, a tissue holder, a
curtain, and a door or window valance.
All made with frayed edged denim and
cotton. Of course you could use flannels instead.
Price $7.50
Bonnie B's Dessert Recipes
A collection of favorite dessert recipes
from family and friends. Includes cakes, cookies, fudge, drinks, peanut butter popcorn, and many others.
For the sweet tooth in us all.

Price $5.95