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Patterns For All Seasons
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# 1300 Snow Daze
This happy couple is 28" tall. Easy
to follow directions. Simple to make.
Order yours today.
Price $7.50

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# 1600 Roly Poly Christmas
This trio will delight all your holiday guests.
Perfect size to give as gifts. 8 -11" tall.
Price $7.50
# 100 Warm at heart
He sits 7" tall and makes a nice
center piece or looks great on a shelf.
Price $7.50
# 1297 Winter Garden
A 10" snow lady made from Warm
And Natural. Easy to make and is
weighted to stand.
# 150 Snow friends
These two are made from Warm and Natural. They stand about 7" tall and have a wreath for a base.
Price $7.50
# 1596 Winter time friends
This snowman is 11" tall. He has
a hat full of bird seed and a sign
that reads "Welcome Friends".
Price $7.50
# 175 Bird nest snowman
He is 16" tall and will hang or sit
in your favorite location. Dress him
up in plaid or wool to accent your decor.
Price $7.50

# 1970 Frosty's wish
This 37" snowman is called Frosty's Wish.
He is made from Warm and Natural and carries a sign that reads "All I want for Christmas is a great big freezer"
Price $7.50
# 1980 Stanley snowman
Stanley Snowman is 23" tall and is
made from plush felt and Warm and
Natural. He has the moon and the
stars above a small cabin on his jacket.

Price $7.50
# 1980acc Accessories
This kit contains the unfinished wood
items that accessorize the Stanley
Snowman pattern and the Special
Delivery Santa pattern. Order yours today.
# 9900 Skating partners
This pair of ice skating snow people
is dressed for a day on the ice.
Each is 46" tall. A delightful couple
to invite to your home.

Price $7.50
# 2200 Snow Delightful
38" Snowman made from Warm
and Natural. He will hang or sit and
is easy to make. He goes by the name, "Snow Delightful".
Price $7.50
# 2400 Snowman wreath
This Snowman on a 16" Wreath
will hang on your door to greet
your guests or on your wall in
your favorite location.

Price $7.50
# 2600 Crystal
This 15" doll is fun and easy to make.
She is dressed for the weather and
ready to play. Her name is Crystal.

Price $7.50
# 1000 Smiley snowman
30" tall skinny snowman made from
Warm and Natural. And decorated
with a top hat, greenery, buttons,
and a scarf. Weighted to help him stand.
Price $7.50
# 460 Gingerbread kids
7" Sitting Gingerbread dolls. Perfect
for fall decorations. Easy to make.
Order yours today.

# 600 Elliot the Elf
Elliot the Elf sits 7" tall. He makes
a great addition to your winter collectibles.

Price $7.50
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