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Patterns For All Seasons
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# 900 Frank N Friends
Frank N Friends.
7" Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein,
and a cloth Pumpkin.
Price $7.50

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# 990 Some Mummy loves you
21" Mummy carries a sign with the saying
"Some Mummy Loves me." He has a black cat
tangled in his wrap.

Price $7.50
# 6500 Mooselaneous
This Moose is a delightful fellow. He can't make up his mind what he wants to do. He has his ski's and skates for play and a bell and a wreath for Christmas caroling. He is 27" tall with a bendable scarf and weighted to stand. He's Mooselaneous.
Price $7.50
# 725 Hillary
Hillary is a 7" tall sitting witch. With
her party clothes on and her yard
decorated, she just can't wait for Halloween.

Price $7.50
# 7296 Black Magic Witch
Black Magic witch is 35" tall and will
hang or sit. She has a pumpkin border around her dress.
Let her cast a spell on you.

# 730 Heloise 
Heloise is a 6" bean bag witch.
Isn't she cute?

Price $7.50
# 750 Hilda Broom
Hilda Broom is 25" tall and will hang
or sit to watch over your spooky 
Price $7.50
# 775 Wendy + Willy
Meet Wendy + Willy. Willy is the green frog. Who knows what he was yesterday.
Nah, she's really very friendly.
Price $7.50

# 7970 Zelda
Zelda is designed to hang in your
favorite spot or on your door. She
is 26" tall. She will sit if desired.
She has grapevine twig arms.
Price $7.50
# 7985 My next door neighbor
40" Standing Witch doll with frog
in her pot. She's My Next Door Neighbor.


# 5200 Scarecrow bench sitter
This 25" Scarecrow bench sitter is
weighted with a box of salt. He will
sit wherever you desire.

Price $7.50
# 7222 Jack O' Lantern
Smilin' Jack is 38" tall. He will make
the perfect addition to your fall
decorations. He's easy to make
and will sit in your favorite chair
or anywhere you desire.
# 7272 Ruby
This 43" witch goes by the name
of Ruby. She even paints her shoes
ruby red for extra attention.

Price $7.50
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