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Patterns For All Seasons
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# 675 Reindeer games
7" Sitting Reindeer with candy
canes in his antlers.
Order yours today.
Price $7.50

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# 6097 Santa's winter scene
35" Santa with a winter scene on his coat.
He'll welcome you home everyday.
Price $7.50
# 6990 Special delivery
23" Santa doll easy to make. Made
with Plush Felt and Warm and Natural batting. Wooden accessories sold
separately as 1980acc. They are
the same kit as we sell for the 1980
Stanley Snowman pattern.
Price $7.50
# 1980acc Accessories
This kit contains the unfinished wood
items that accessorize the Stanley
Snowman pattern and the Special
Delivery Santa pattern. Order yours today.
# 650 Where's my sleigh?
That's what this 7" sitting Santa
wants to know. Can he find it at
your house?

Price $7.50
# 6099 Santa at my house
31" Santa, carries the light of the
moon and the stars with him
wherever he goes.
Price $7.50
# 3300 Santa in a wreath
Santa is made to hang on your
door or wall. It has a 16" twig wreath
for the background.
Price $7.50
# 6000 Slim Santie
27" tall made from plush felt. He has his list, a tree, and a Teddy bear for a gift. He is weighted to stand. His hat and scarf can be bent to the shape you desire.
Price $7.50
# 1122 19" Snowman
This 19" snowman is weighted to
stand wherever you like him. He
holds a tree to represent new life
and wears a patriotic scarf to
show his pride.
# 1220 Snowman bench sitter
This 25" Snowman bench sitter is
weighted with a box of salt. He will
sit wherever you desire. He is made
from Warm and Natural batting.
Order yours today.

Price $7.50
# 6222 Spirit of Christmas
This 29" Santa is titled Spirit of
Christmas. He is made with red
Plush felt and wool. Hang him in
your favorite room to brighten
your holidays.

Price $7.50
# 6200 Santa bench sitter
This 25" Santa sitter is weighted
with a box of salt. He will sit wherever
you desire. He is made with red
Plush felt and wool.
Price $7.50
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