Bonnie B Buttons

Patterns For All Seasons
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# 300 JW Bullfrog
18" Frog doll with bug box.
Make him to hang or sit in your favorite location.
Price $7.50

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# 325 Tadrick Allen Esquire
Tadrick Allen Esquire is a 7" sitting frog doll. He has a book titled "How to be a prince".
And wears a badge that reads " Kiss Me".
# 8970 Ann's Garden Treasures
A 9" bean bag style Raggedy Ann doll with an apron full of garden delights.
Price $7.50
# 850 Andy's Play Day
A 7" sitting Raggedy Andy doll. A timeless classic in any style.
Price $7.50
# 800 Ann's Wash Day
A 7" sitting Raggedy Ann doll. A timeless classic in any style or size.
Price $7.50
# 825 She Loves Me
This 6" Ann + Andy have wooden hearts as a base to stand on.
Price $7.50
# 400 Cindy Flower
Cindy loves to play in the flowers. She is 7" tall sitting down. Easy to make and you can dress her in your favorite print.
Price $7.50
# 420 Friendship Doll
This little doll has wings on her back and flowers in her apron. She is 7" tall. She has a miniature seed package in her apron.
# 450 Nettie Mae Crow
Nettie Mae Crow is another of our 7" creations. She has wooden legs and cloth feet.
Price $7.50
# 4396 Elizabeth R Gardner
Elizabeth R Gardener, is a 34" angel doll with a spray of twigs for her wings. She has flower pots, flowers, a rake, and a bee skep to accent her ensemble.
Price $7.50
# 4970 Gloria
Gloria the Americana doll is 34" tall. She has a grapevine cloud spray on her back, and sheer flag ribbon attached to a grapevine stick and draped around her.
Price $7.50
# 4598 Rachel
Rachel is 30" tall. She carries a strand of netting with her gardening accessories attached. She also has a grapevine cloud spray for wings.
Price $7.50
# 700 April
April is another gardening angel She is only 18" tall and will hang or sit.
Price $7.50
# 3200 Early-Riser
This Early Riser is a 19" rooster. Made from different colors of felt. The 19" includes the base.
Price $7.50
# 2900 Captain of the Sea
This Captain of the sea is perched inside a 16" wreath and has lots of nautical decorations on the wreath.
Price $7.50
# 3985 Remington and Reba Swamp
Remington + Reba Swamp a pair of 21" frog dolls.
Price $7.50
# 9099 Seasons Fly By
Flying Angels. A Witch, an Angel, and an Americana doll perfect for any decor and any season.
Price $7.50