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Here you'll find my pattern designs to entertain and delight. I have rag quilts and dolls for all seasons, including Santa, Snowmen, Rabbits, Scarecrows, Angels, Leprechauns, Fairies, Witches, Denim Rag Quilts, Roosters, Raggedy Ann, Cupid, Elf, Gingerbread dolls, Reindeer, Eyeglass holder, red hat dolls, Pilgrim, table runners, wreaths, and more patterns.
Fall is my favorite season for designs.

I also have quilts of several styles that use recycled denim. My Lazy Denim quilt was the original denim frayed edge or rag edge quilt. As seen on HGTV Simply Quilts and the DIY network. And was the primary influence for the recent trend of making quilts with ragged edges.

On other pages you will find accessories for my patterns. The links on the left will start your visit wherever you wish.
I hope you enjoy your visit.

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Ragged Edge Quilts  - digital or paper your choice

# 2002 Rainbow ragged edges

This 58" X 82" log cabin style quilt features bright cotton prints and frayed edges around each large quilt block. This is a further extension of the frayed look we created with our denim quilts 21 years ago, and which has become so popular.

Rainbow ragged edges
# 2222 Hugs N Kisses

Hugs N Kisses Denim quilt made from recycled jeans. Helps retain all those fond memories of the kids and family who wore them. Extremely warm and durable. It will last for years. 

Hugs N Kisses
# 2001 Aged Glory

"Aged Glory" is easily constructed, very durable, patriotic, and uniquely yours if you recycle your old jeans into this quilt. Order yours today. 

Aged Glory
# 2030 Simply Scraps

This is close up view of the newest pattern in our pattern line. It continues to expand on the look we originated several years ago. This design can be made with your scrap material and old jeans for a very inexpensive yet durable and unique quilt. It can easily be made any size or color pattern. 

Aged Glory
# 2075 Petals in the wind

This colorful ragged edged quilt is made from colorful flannels. So, it is soft and warm. It can be made any size by simply increasing the number of blocks per side. 

Petals in the wind
# 2350 Denim all laced up

Denim all Laced Up is a result of one of my dogs chewing the corners off my lace table cloth. I did not want to just throw it away, so I turned it into a new version of my frayed edged quilts. You can use old lace or new doilies for the lace.

Denim all laced up
# 9800 Stars and circles

Another recycled denim project for your enjoyment. This one is a little more difficult to make but the results are worth it. The frayed edges give it a unique look.

Stars and circles
# 2020 Stained glass ragged edges

This lap quilt is called Stained glass ragged edges because it has a pattern that looks good in glass or as a quilt. It is 60" X 60".

Stained glass ragged edges
# 2100 Denim diamonds

This ragged edged quilt is again made from recycled jeans. It is easy to make and can be made any size you like and from any fabrics you like.

Denim diamonds
# 2444 Red hat party

This colorful quilt is inspired by the poem " When I am an old woman I shall wear red and purple". It is made with several shades of red and purple flannels.

The edges are frayed for a delightful look.

Red hat party
# 2500 Lazy Denim Quilt

Shown in two styles

The ORIGINAL ragged edge quilt. As featured on HGTV's "Simply Quilts, Hosted by Alex Anderson." Others have copied the look. Get the original here. "Lazy Denim Quilt" from recycled jeans and your choice of cotton print or flannel. Make any size you like.

Lazy denim colorful Lazy denim quilt

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Now offering all 11 of my quilts as digital downloads, individually or the entire collection. 
You can print them at home and start your project right away.
he quilt downloads are available for sale here.